Grand Wall Bouldering Cooperative is a member owned and operated indoor climbing gym located at 38036 Loggers Lane in downtown Squamish, BC. 


The Coop is Squamish’s best training gym for climbers and boulderers of all levels. Annual memberships include access to:

  • Vertical, 10°, 25°, 40°, and 60° Overhanging Walls
  • Thousands of Holds
  • Set Problems
  • Create Your Own Problems
  • Long, Continuous Traversing
  • LED MoonBoardThis thing is awesome!
  • Standardized Metolius Campus Board
  • Hangboards
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Free Weights
  • Get your own key for 24/7 access.
  • Play your own music.
  • Discount entrance to events and clinics
  • Hot showers


News and Events:Coop sticker

We now have GWBC stickers as part of fundraising efforts. Available at Climb On and Valhalla Pure. Support the Coop in two ways by buying a sticker and sharing our cool logo!



Nester’s Cards are available at Climb ON Squamish. For every card sold, the Coop receives $10! May not sound like a lot, but if we sell ten, that’s $100 towards our #Forearmsforever campaign!!!



Read here for a little story on the Coop featured in Mountain Life Media… 🙂


Derek Kyle Functional Range Conditioning Clinic

This 4 week Workshop Series will be based on FRC: Function Range Conditioning.

FRC is a paradigm which maximizes our ability to abuse and control joints at their limits of flexibility while reducing the likelihood of injury. Only through LOADING and STRENGTHENING in the extremes of flexibility can you beef up the tissue and build resiliency. It’s best to learn how to do this in a safe and progressive way. Passive stretching, which has been popularized for so long, will reduce the neurological stretch reflex, but it will create minimal tissue adaptation and does not reduce an athletes risk of injury and can actually reduce their performance. We will put particular emphasis on shoulders (but of course), and hips (for high stepping/heel hooking).

Open to non-members and members alike. $25 per class/ per person.
CASH ONLY! Thanks!  Minimum of 4 people are needed for this workshop to run!

The dates for the workshops are:
July 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th.

The workshop will be capped at ten people. Register here to save your space!

Sending: Prepare for and crush your Project! with Thomasina Pidgeon

Join us for a clinic that will focus on how to prepare and send your project nemisis! Taken from personal experience, climbing coach and trainer, Thomasina Pidgeon will compare and contrast some of her success and failures into applicable strategies including:
How to best train for and approach a project, prevent physical and mental fatigue, as well as mental strategies to help keep you’re eyes on the prize and in a healthy mindset and zone when the pressure is on.

$40 per person, $30 for Coop members
Space is limited. Pre-registration is required! Cash only. Minimum of four people needed for clinic to go ahead. Email Thomasina directly at to preregister.


Become a Coop Member

Becoming a member is easy! Stop by Climb On at 38167 Second Avenue in downtown Squamish, BC to purchase your annual and lifetime memberships.

Lifetime Membership:IMG_5628 - Copy $10.  This one time fee is required as per our insurance to climb at the Coop.

Day passes: $12/day. For first timers, this includes the lifetime  membership fee of $10. To use the Coop as a day pass user, you must be with an annual member or during special event hours.

Monthly passes: $60/month plus lifetime membership fee of $10. A deposit of $75 is required plus contact information.

IMG_1100 - CopyAnnual passes: $400/year plus lifetime membership fee of $10. This is by far the best deal and what sustains the Coop. For only $400 you get your own key for a full year of access to all of the goodies listed above. Annual rate is pro-rated to the date key is purchased.


Check out our latest news and events on social media. We always got something fun going on at the Coop from training clinics, route setting nights, movie nights, competitions and special events!



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