Grand Wall Bouldering Cooperative is a member owned and operated indoor climbing gym located at 38036 Loggers Lane in downtown Squamish, BC. Memberships are limited for the upcoming 21/22 season. If you are interested, please email


The Coop is Squamish’s best training gym for climbers and boulderers of all levels. Annual memberships include access to:

  • Vertical, 10°, 25°, 40°, and 60° Overhanging Walls
  • Thousands of Holds
  • Set Problems
  • Create Your Own Problems
  • Long, Continuous Traversing
  • LED MoonBoard (2019 hold set)This thing is awesome!
  • Standardized Metolius Campus Board
  • Hangboards
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Free Weights
  • Get your own key for 24/7 access.
  • Play your own music.
  • Hot showers (temporarily closed due to COVID)


News and Events:

Coop sticker

We now have GWBC stickers! Available at Climb On and Valhalla Pure. Support the Coop in two ways by buying a sticker and sharing our cool logo!




Read here for a little story on the Coop featured in Mountain Life Media…


Do you have ideas or suggest for clinics you’d like to see at the Coop? Please let us know!


Become a Coop Member

Memberships for the co-op are limited for the upcoming 21/22 season. If you are interested, please email


Annual passes: $1000 for the 21/22 season. The number of members will be capped at 40, with priority given to current members (key holders).  This is a new membership pricing model for the co-op, specifically for the upcoming year.  It has been implemented to tackle the current challenges of the COVID pandemic. Membership gets your own key for a full year of access to all of the goodies listed above.

We are now offering 3 month ($285), and 6 month ($550) passes for the 21/22 coop season. Shoot us an email for more information

Day passes: not available for the 21/22 season

Monthly passes: not available for the 21/22 season

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Check out our latest news and events on social media. We always got something fun going on at the Coop from training clinics, route setting nights, movie nights, competitions and special events!



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