Grand Wall Bouldering Cooperative is a member owned and operated indoor climbing gym located at 38036 Loggers Lane in downtown Squamish, BC. Memberships and keys available at Climb On Equipment on 2nd Avenue, Squamish.


The Coop is Squamish’s best training gym for climbers and boulderers of all levels. Annual memberships include access to:

  • Vertical, 10°, 25°, 40°, and 60° Overhanging Walls
  • Thousands of Holds
  • Set Problems
  • Create Your Own Problems
  • Long, Continuous Traversing
  • LED MoonBoardThis thing is awesome!
  • Standardized Metolius Campus Board
  • Hangboards
  • Gymnastics Rings
  • Free Weights
  • Get your own key for 24/7 access.
  • Play your own music.
  • Discount entrance to events and clinics
  • Hot showers


News and Events:


IMG_5572WE MADE IT ANOTHER YEAR!!! Our annual hold Re-set is taking place December 14th – 16th.
We will be stripping, cleaning and reset all the walls but the 40 degree.
Please bring extra drills as we have only one that works. T-wrenches and cleaning supplies also needed! If by chance you happen to have a power washer, yes! bring that!!!
We are also looking for new, cool holds. If anyone has any to donate or lend, bring them along for the walls!!!
Volunteers are especially needed for the stripping and cleaning!
It takes a community! Everyone welcome.


Nester’s Cards are available at Climb ON Squamish. For every card sold, the Coop receives $10! May not sound like a lot, but if we sell ten, that’s $100 towards our #Forearmsforever campaign!!!



Join the Squamish ‘Rock Stars’ Climbing Team

The GWBC is pleased to announce that the youth Squamish Rock Stars Climbing Team is re-starting in the new year..!

The Squamish Rock Stars Team is suitable for those keen to grow and improve as climbers and athletes. Sessions have a strong focus on technique, specific climbing movements and physical and mental skill development thus giving athletes a solid base to grow from. There is a strong focus on individual personal performance, rather than outcome.   

Specific training is done through the use of drills and games without impeding on the athletes ability to discover their own strengths, weaknesses and mental tenacities. Students will learn how to approach a climb with intention through mental and physical strategy. This will greatly benefit those pursuing competitions and performance climbing, as well as instil a deep sense of confidence.

To instil good sport practices for life, sessions includes warm up, physical and mental training, and cool downs to help with injury prevention. This program offers ‘structured freedom’ climbing, providing a fun environment balanced with a specific plan. We aim to keep the fun in sport, while sharing and capturing the essence and passion of climbing. All programming is based on the Sport Climbing for Life, Long Term Athlete Development Model.

Rock Star Training Dates

Spring dates: to be announced

There is potential to add another training day at extra cost, depending on enrolment.

Pre-registration is required.
To register, please email

Cost per session:

8 weeks, 2.5 hour classes = $200. Cost includes a lifetime membership and day pass to the Grand Wall Bouldering Cooperative.

For more information or to contact the coach: click here or email directly at   

Coop sticker

We now have GWBC stickers! Available at Climb On and Valhalla Pure. Support the Coop in two ways by buying a sticker and sharing our cool logo!


Read here for a little story on the Coop featured in Mountain Life Media…


planning in process…

Do you have ideas or suggest for clinics you’d like to see at the Coop? Please let us know!


Become a Coop Member

Becoming a member is easy! Stop by Climb On at 38167 Second Avenue in downtown Squamish, BC to purchase your annual and lifetime memberships.


Lifetime Membership:IMG_5628 - Copy $10.  This one time fee is required as per our insurance to climb at the Coop. (This is not a pass.)

Day passes: $12/day. For first timers, this includes the lifetime  membership fee of $10. To use the Coop as a day pass user, you must be with an annual member or during special event hours.

Monthly passes: $60/month plus lifetime membership fee of $10. A deposit of $75 is required plus contact information.

IMG_1100 - CopyAnnual passes: $450/year plus lifetime membership fee of $10. This is by far the best deal and what sustains the Coop. For only $450 you get your own key for a full year of access to all of the goodies listed above. Annual rate is pro-rated to the first day of each month when the pass is purchased.


Check out our latest news and events on social media. We always got something fun going on at the Coop from training clinics, route setting nights, movie nights, competitions and special events!



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